Over the 2012 holiday season, I found myself addicted to the amazing Windows 8 game Interference. Each 'game' is made of a series of steps, alternating between a description of the previous drawing, and a drawing of the previous description. Each player has ten minutes to complete their step.

The game is no challenger to Photoshop when it comes to features. As of when I drew the these, the tools consisted of a round brush with five thicknesses, and a choice of 16 colours. I drew all of these with my computer mouse.

Having always been a keen doodler, I soon got addicted, and my profile soon jumped to the top of the weekly leaderboard! A couple of months on, and two of my pictures remain in the "top ten of all time."

Here are a selection of my ten minute doodles.

Note: Some of these pictures are not visible on the site, because they're part of games where at least one step has been marked as not-safe-for-work. These doodles here are all fine; all my drawings, including NSFW ones, can be viewed here.

Note: The descriptions were copied as-is, misspellings intact.

a apple and a banana in bedtogether
dead spider
A witch that is a fan of Star Wars
the moon about to hit earth and people screaming RUNNNN
A fish Stuck in a tree
a very good drawn kid falling out of a tree
apple on top of a bottle of acidi
jellyfish says eww to and nfected arm w/ red & yellow spots
a singing dancing tree
Turd speaking to another?
a snowman reaching for a bird
A lone lobster on a beach
a headless person picking a flower
a dog running from a boulder
Boy having a lolly
colonel sanders
An egg sword fighting with a pumpkin
goldfish getting flushed to fish heaven
ummmmm sexual things?
A red mouse on a ladder, "Oh no"
Clueless alien is confused by Christmas tree
Million dollar fart
orange with a cat face, shoting lasers at some yellow stuff
fishes being murdered by an eel
A devil snake coming out of a toilet
Cloud Men
dog who is being persuaded but doesnt give in
australians shopping
black george micheal
a ugly green witch melting because of the rain
man too fat to see his feet
Ghost under clock(6.43) baking carrot in oven
a car driving past a pond which has ducks in it
Kid throwing a slinky
Happy caterpillar idolizes the Kool-Aid man
A smelly Rudolph?
All signs indicate that this is the 'right' way.
under the sky, 3 padlocks running away from 3 mushrooms
Naked dessert vollyball
Jonie's friend refuses to believe that Jonie can in fact fly
Giant gray monster holding a banana
a man diving into a giant mug of coffee next to a volcano!!!
A lemon jealous of an oranges sunglasses
Girl looking at a dog with a fish in it's mouth
man bending over in mud. his head fell off.
table lamp
the sleepy banana gets laughed at by 3 bananas
grandson mouse chatting up granny mouse
a melting snowman's last memory is his red house
smiling pink blob thing with a black hole in his stomach
Junk in the trunk
Postman scared of spider!!!
you slept with my wife
people being control by a horse
its impossible to get a picture of a dog dressed as superman
Dinosaur coming out of underwater spaceship
dog staring at sad TV. or just random scribbles maybe
lady wearing green dress with disfigured arms
santa having a large poo
Black capital alphabet letters in order on yellow backround
Horny cow
sunand a leaf and a a perdom necwedq13cv13rv13rvq3wrcvqrv13 r
A man hides his coveted softball from the angry sea
christmas ninjas
sad scarecrow lost at sea. poor lil feller.
naked lady with an apple as a head
yo tree. you know what we should do to that stick kid ;)
evil man with pumpkin face in graveyard
Pikachu has been drinking Chartreuse for months. roughed up
A woman drowning in a bubble bath
Depleted sun
Stork holds babies hostage in I.E. virus scam. he sings too
lots of little red dots with faces inside a red box
early bird?
potating sleeping in bed getting roasted by a red light
a banana wearing a blue hat holding a red and pink flower.
Burning The witch
a screaming baby
Blockhead tries Kung-Fu kick
a monster mashing peas
A tree going through the seasons
happy centipede eating green jello
A well endowed girl's Twitter profile photo.
The Space Shuttle getting ready to launch
Stickman with HulaHoop + wool + stood next to swimming pool.
Naked lady rescuing her cat
Chimney blows ash at Santa to stop him from trespassing
a pink 'w' with tiny pink legs
gluttonous caterpillars lounging upon a luxurious leaf
solve this m2-10=-6 m=? m2=? write your answer down,the sum!
cooking over camp fire
dog weeing up a tree
king held upside down out of a window
a man getting attacked by flying warms
A pink woman in a dress walking at the break of a blue dawn.
the last moments of the Titanic (cheap remake)
Terrified wizard with a gold cupof red wine and green thing
God's disgustingly dirty fingernail amongst burning stars.
A body on life support stares at his body, now liquified
Sheep hearding
2 very ugly

This game is fantastic. Go visit the website and play online, download the Windows 8 app, or the Windows Phone app.

(I am not affiliated with the developer behind this game in any way!)